Ditch your employee shift spreadsheet

Get the IO Workers Add-On today!

Why the IO Workers add-on?

You can continue spending more time on managing your workers. Or you can use the IO Workers add on and simplify your administrative tasks. Check out the IO Workers features that make InflatableOffice the best choice for your inflatable business!

Schedule Workers

Schedule shifts and let your workers pick shifts that work best for them based on their position and rank.

Mobile Site for Worker Access

Workers can view available shifts, view important documents and access, route information

Payroll Reporting

View your payroll instantly, mileages and mileage compensation, sales commissions and much more!

Employee Training

Enroll your employees in our safety and training program. Employees can then sign up for certain shifts if they pass the test for that position.

Access Control and Position Assignment

Provide separate logins for each worker, assign positions, rank your workers, and easily manage your workers’ profiles.

Email/text shift reminders

Tired of workers forgetting to show up to work? Check out what our reminders can do!