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Online Bookings & Payments

Let’s face it, the paperwork side of the business is not the most favorable. We get it. All of our subscription levels includes all of the features designed to make running your inflatable business a little bit easier. 

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Customers are able to, customize, receive quotes, book, and pay right from your website.


Generate a contract with a single click, email it to your customer, and allow them to sign it online.

Event Notifications

Get an email when a customer gets a quote, books an event, makes a payment, asks you to contact them, and more (optional).

Realtime Availability

Customers can quickly see what items are not available for the times they select (optional).

Prevent Double Bookings

Never double book again. InflatableOffice prevents potential customers from booking unavailable items.


Get an email when a customer gets a quote, books an event, makes a payment, asks you to contact them, and more (optional).


Our system makes it easy to display customer reviews on your website that were collected from the surveys.


Feedback is necessary for your business to grow. InflatableOffice sends out surveys to customers post-event asking them to rate your performance, experience, and their rental choice.

Contact Forms

All contact forms on your website automatically generate a lead profile once the user's message is submitted.

Provide your customers with the ability to pay online

Customers prefer to pay their invoices online – InflatableOffice allows your confirmed bookings the ability to pay online from mobile or desktop. Our software currently integrates with your Merchant Account, Square, or Paypal accounts.

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Customer Communication

Communicating with your customers and clients throughout the event process  is essential. From the moment they initiate the quote to the final payment, you need to make sure notification emails are dispersed on time and professionally. 

Gmail Connect

We connect your POP3 or IMAP account giving you an integrated email center ready for you to dispatch business level communications.

Automated Emails

You can configure emails to be sent automatically to your customers at each different stages of the sales process.

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Communication Add-Ons

IO Phone

A powerful, robust business phone feature that fully integrates into your InflatableOffice account - ultimately giving you full control for all of your incoming calls.

IO Sales & CRM

Keeping your client records organized and up to date has never been easier. InflatableOffice Sales & CRM feature gives your business a boost in customer retention. Easily schedule follow-up calls, appointments, and track it all within the lead.

Weather Alerts When You Need It Most

Weather can change in a matter of minutes. Be prepared for unsafe weather conditions with text alerts directly to your customers. Notify them immediately of un-safe wind and rain conditions based on the National Weather Service. 

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Get instant access to this feature and many more! 


We’ve provided access to connect your current Google products or tax prep services. If you’re looking for something specific, reach out. We’re always improving and advancing ways to save our clients time. 

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Google Calendar

Have your event schedule show up on your phone with our Google Calendar integration.

Google Analytics​

You will be able to see your conversion funnel in Google Analytics and can start working on improving your conversion rate.

Google Adwords

Want to know if all that money you are spending on Adwords is actually making you money?

IO Phone

You can see statistics on calls answered and missed during business hours. Calls and voicemails are linked with customer events by phone number.


Your invoices, payments, and customers will all transfer over to Quickbooks desktop or Quickbooks Online automatically.

Tax Generator

Auto calculate tax based on city/county tax rates for your area. Tax feature supports Canada GST, and Maryland amusement tax. No more difficult forms to submit to your state!

Facebook Tracking

Facebook allow you the ability to view your statistics on Facebook with the ability to auto track website visits, checkouts, and leads.

Auto-Populate Addresses

All of your quotes are submitted using USPS address correction and address completion ensuring a good address every time.

Easily Connect Your Website

WordPress Plugin

Any new items or updates made to inventory will automatically update your website. It also includes an optional shopping cart.

API Access

Retrieve inventory, customer, and event data. Create and update leads. Custom integrate your website.

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Additional Website Features

SEO Tracking

Monitor your website's performance all within your InflatableOffice dashboard. Customize the view or default to one of the popular templates to keep a close eye on the health of your website.

Conversion Tracking

Discover what your customers are responding to by monitoring what is helping them convert into paying customers.

Website Traffic

Understand the flow of your customers to determine the best time of the week to add inventory, specials, or limited-time promotions. Your IO dashboard provides all of the website traffic data you need.

Auto Generated Area Landing Pages

Today's SEO requirements call for area-based landing pages that relate to your audience and what they're searching for. InflatableOffice will auto generate the appropriate area-based pages for you. Saving time and money while adhering to standards.

Zapier Integration

Enhance your entire customer experience with the help of Zapier and InflatableOffice API. Advanced developers are able to modify and upgrade their website flow, save lead information, intercept the cart data and much more only using these two tools.

Built-in SEO Power

Customize the area name, city name, or keywords for your Business website. Add or delete whenever you're expanding your SEO reach for seasonal peaks or scale back during slower months - you decide.

Loading, Routes, and Deliveries

Our Loading and Delivery features are designed to save you time and money. Organize your team, setup your trucks, and provide inventory for on-time events. 

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Map Deliveries

See all your deliveries on a map with customizable location pins to assist in delivery planning.

Plan Your Route

Drag and drop your event deliveries and returns onto your trucks. Travel times are calculated automatically.

Print Schedule

You and your workers can print each trucks packing list with delivery route and other documents in one shot. Paperwork is organized by vehicle.

Auto Loading & Route Optimization

Click one button and your schedule will be assigned to trucks automatically and route optimized. It also will auto generate costs associated with gas and workers required.

Schedule Your Delivery Crew

Schedule your delivery screws when planning your routes. Workers will receive notifications and reminders for their shifts.

Recent Deliveries

You'll be able to see what was in your vehicle last when planning your next delivery which can be useful as the item may not need to be unloaded.

Complex Inventory Capabilities​

Push the power of InflatableOffice with Complex Inventory Options. Customize pricing based on area, time of day, or another specific criteria required. You can even set an item to have different rates for each type of use, plus much more!

complex inventory Features

Pricing Flexibility​

Customize pricing based on day, time of rental, or area of use. Flexible pricing gives you ultimate control when you're looking to maximize your offering. For example, set the rates for your popular inventory by day, time or season. Many options are available.

Rental Packages & Kits

Have a common set of items that get rented out together? Package them up and allow your customers the ability to select a package and book. Packages connected to individual rental items and will update based on those items availability.

Multi-Category Items

Let's say you have a slide that belongs in two categories; Slides and Water Rides. You can mark the item with both - allowing it to be seen in both categories. Need to setup specific pricing for a category? No problem. Our Flexible Pricing Feature can help!

Vendor Items

Connect to outside vendor inventory and provide more options to your customers without taking on more inventory. Easily integrate a friend's tent inventory into a bounce house inventory.

Consumable Items

Stock and sell consumable items along side your rental items. InflatableOffice will allow you to track sales for all consumable items.

Item Maintenance

Rentals that are out of service or in repair can be indicated and removed from the customer's view. Allowing you to repair and replace without a hiccup.

Wet/Dry Items

You can list the same item in two ways (such as a Wet/Dry Slide), charge different rates for each, but track the availability correctly.


Allows a customer to choose an option that is associated with an item (for example, the flavor sugar they want with the cotton candy machine).

Multi-Unit Items

You can specify if an item has parts that can be rented separately (such as an Obstacle Course).

Art Panels

List your mod panels as if they are their own unit, but still track availability of the mod units and panels.

Sales, Status, & Custom Reports

From standard to custom reporting, InflatableOffice provides you with templates for popular reports as well as the ability to fully customize your report to tackle specific business goals or objectives. 

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Sales Reports

Sales reports are important to stay on top of how well you are doing as a company. Keep your team productive with Sales Reports.

Status Reports

Keeping up on the every aspect of the business can be overwhelming. Quickly run a Status Report to view late contracts, overdue payments, revenue per rental, revenue per customer, and more.

Loading Sheets

Gearing your team up for takeoff is essential to success. Effortlessly create accurate loading sheets for your crews so you never forget anything.

Custom Reports

Build custom reports, charts, and graphs to compare sales from year to year or month to month. Pull reports for sales or see which rental item is doing the best year after year. Sky is the limit.

Security & Reliability

We provide all of our clients with peace of mind when it comes to the security of their customer data. 

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Amazing Uptime

We maintain servers in multiple locations and data centers so that if one has issues, another takes over, and you never notice.

Fantastic Support

We work hard to make sure you will never need another software solution for your company.

Always Improving

We continue to release new updates and improvements to keep our software current.

Features You Can Add-On


InflatableOffice Workers feature provides the tools to manage your workforce effectively and efficiently. Track schedules, training, and sales productivity. Easily allow your staff to clock-in, request time-off, and even allow access to restricted areas. 

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Prioritize your workers and assign positions allowing them to sign-up and trade for their own shifts.

Manager Surveys

Have your event manager receive a survey right after the event.


Give access to your employees to only the information they need to do their job.

Sales Reps & Contractors

Pay commissions to your sales reps and contractors based on the items rented.

Text Shift Reminders

Tired of unreliable workers not showing up? Now you can have a text message delivered an hour or two before their shift starts.

Training & Safety

Use InflatableOffice to train and test your workers on proper safety requirements for your inventory.

Sales & CRM

Follow-up with customers, Schedule the week’s appointments and do it all through your InflatableOffice account. 

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Your sales reps will have an easy list of leads to call so no one slips through the cracks.

Schedule Appointments

Easily create an appointment or assign a task to a worker and get reminded.

Email Integration

See all your email communication with customer in InflatableOffice.

Communication History

Monitor your communication history with each lead so you can see notes, emails, texts, phone calls made.

Multi Locations

When operating multiple locations and warehouses, InflatableOffice provides you the ability to easily manage as many locations as you need. 

multi locations Features

One Account

Manage all of your locations from one account where you can aggregate sales data together or view it separately.

Access Permissions

Give access to regional managers to only their locations and allow them to manage some or all aspects of that particular location.

Rental Locations

Specify where each rental item is located. You can also share the item between two locations.

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