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Essential DIY

basic bounce 1 Websites



$ 3,000

Elite SEO

$ 5,400


50ro9w iodemosite02 com Websites


Your Site Must Perform Across All Devices

All new website packages include these features

Quickly connect your InflatableOffice account inventory  –  instantly gain access to all of these integrated features and web extras. We make it easy to integrate your inventory, integrate your online quote forms, set up order notifications, your website’s shopping cart, and more! 

cloud sync Websites

Quick, Online Booking

Shopping Cart, Online Quotes, and Online Contracts are completely integrated into your InflatableOffice account for a seamless experience.

quotes leads Websites

Quotes, Leads, and Emails

Your InflatableOffice account becomes your website command center. All website generated leads are sent directly to your account for further follow up.

online booking Websites

Real-time Inventory Sync

From simple inventory changes to adding entire new categories and inventory items, we’ve got you covered. Changes are automatically uploaded to your website and pages created when needed. 

seo optimized Websites

SEO Optimized Themes

Our selection of themes are ready to go to work. We’ve created themes to fit and match different business styles. Each theme is easily customizable.

server host Websites

Hosting, Security & Backup

Sit back and relax. We’ll get it all setup and ready for business. This includes proper setup of WordPress, servers, database, domains, emails, backup, and InflatableOffice Integration setup. 

support Websites

How-to Support

We provide all of the documentation you’ll need to update your website after we launch. This includes changing your logo, changing the colors or fonts, and adding a photo gallery. If you require further assistance, our developer’s are available to provide an estimate.

Essential DIY

The InflatableOffice Essentials website package is ready to go to work. After selecting a template, you’ll provide your logo and business details. We install and run a comprehensive setup for your new site. Before we hand it off to you for further personalization – that includes all updates, changes, tweaks, or additions.
* free Limited-time offer
  • $39/mo WordPress Integration at launch
  • Pick a Theme - Personalize and Launch
  • Advanced Nav Menu Functionality
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Basic On-Page SEO


The InflatableOffice Premium web package is our best seller. Select from a collection of professionally designed themes that include all of the necessary rental website components your business needs to get off to a great start. We'll get it updated with your brand new look and inventory imagery.
$ 1,800
  • $100/mo WordPress/Support at launch
  • 15 Hours of Dev Time available for:
  • Theme Design
  • Logo and Image Design
  • City Targeted Landing Pages

Elite SEO

The InflatableOffice Elite web package gives full-spectrum coverage for your new website. This package combines the power of the premium package with one hour of monthly support and initial as well as ongoing SEO maintenance. If you want a great-looking website, ongoing help from our support team, and full SEO optimization/maintenance, this is the package for you.
$ 3500
  • $100/mo WordPress/Support at launch and
    $100/mo for SEO content engine starting after 6 months
  • Save $700 vs Purchasing Premium + SEO Power-Up
  • 15 Hours of Dev Time available for:
  • Theme Design
  • Logo and Image Design
  • City Targeted Landing Pages
  • SEO Power-up
  • SEO Content Engine

IO Creative

The InflatableOffice Creative web package is our best value. We can work from a sketch or a link to a website you admire. You decide and we make sure your website is beautiful and fully operational.
$ 5,500
  • $100/mo WordPress/Support at launch
  • 40 Hours of Dev Time available for:
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Logo and Image Design
  • Custom Redirects
  • City Targeted Landing Pages

Why do we use WordPress?

Great question! WordPress accounts for more than 30% of all Internet’s websites. It’s been around for a few decades and is well supported. Their framework allows us to easily adapt and integrate to the ever-changing web standards. All in all, it’s a great product.  

Our websites are mobile-ready and fine-tuned for your customers viewing on mobile devices. Rest assured your website is ready to work for you from any device.
We take pride in our server up-time and server speeds. We are always on the lookout for ways to increase speeds and optimize our sites.

We thoroughly test, check, and re-check to ensure every IO website to give you the best possible SEO results.

Every one of our WordPress packages provides FREE backups and recovery services. That’s right – go ahead, sleep tight. *We must host the website.

Our API Access and Hosting packages provide unsurpassed website reliability and the great support you’ve come to expect from InflatableOffice.

IO Integration

Your website auto-syncs to stay up-to-date. Keeping your site in step with your inventory status at all times. Access to additional features include, cart, online quotes, online inventory.
$ 39 monthly
  • Sync Inventory Changes
  • Category and Product Pages
  • Connect Message Center
  • Connect Online Quote Requests
  • Online Quote Requests


Get fast, reliable hosting services that are guaranteed to work flawlessly with InflatableOffice rental software. We take care of all the nuts and bolts of keeping your website online, available, and ready for business. 
$ free monthly
  • Fast, Reliable Service
  • Backed-up Daily
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Connectivity Support

Integration + Support

This package gives you the seamless integration of our IO plugin, monthly hosting, and up to one hour of professional help from our support department.
$ 100 monthly
  • 1 hr/mo of Website Support
  • IO integration
  • Reliable & Secure Site Hosting

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