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Is your website currently meeting the needs of your business? With our industry leading SEO services, we will make sure your website actually works for you.


Why is my website’s SEO important? SEO is needed to ensure your website is included in the search results when someone searches for anything relevant to what you do or say. And with the constant changes to SEO, we will provide you with a custom solution that meets the needs of your website.


With IO’s SEO feature add-on, you will receive active monitoring and adjusting of keywords and phrases. We’ll keep a regular eye on your accounting ensuring performance. This add-on is perfect if you’re ready for long-term growth. 


When you add the SEO Power-Up, you will receive these additional features:

  • Review current SEO rankings to look for opportunities

  • Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization

  • Setup & manage any redirects

  • Identify popular keyword phrases

  • Keyword landing pages

  • Update home page content to focus on top keyword

  • SERP keyword tracking for Up To 15 keywords and 15 cities

  • Progress reports after 30 days

  • Weekly website review and care

  • And more!


If you’re ready to leave the stress behind and let your website work for you, and power up today! 

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Elevate your marketing precision with our new UTM tracking capabilities for Email Center and Elementor forms! Now seamlessly integrated into your InflatableOffice platform, this feature allows you to:


  • Effortlessly track the origins and performance of your leads

  • Set up UTM fields in Elementor forms to gather comprehensive data, automatically imported for detailed analysis

Plus, our Email Center enhances your campaigns by appending UTM parameters to all outbound links, enabling you to track each campaign’s effectiveness directly within our system. No more wondering how your ads are performing! With our UTM Tracking, you will understand exactly which ads, links, or campaigns are funneling traffic to your site, and refine your strategies for maximum impact. 


Click HERE to start leveraging this powerful tool today to optimize your marketing efforts and drive better results or want to learn how it works – click HERE.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’re helping our customers succeed. Our goal is to make your life easier by streamlining your processes and saving you time.

That’s why we love hearing from small businesses like Little Jumpers NJ:


“The IO software is outstanding, exceeding my expectations. They have exceptional customer service, expertise, and shoutout to Shane for always answering my questions! I highly recommend this IO.” 

-Little Jumpers NJ


At the core of our business, your success will always be our top priority! We want to hear from you! Share your experience with us, so that we can ensure we’re providing the best service to meet all your business needs.

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With the start of spring and Q2, now is the perfect opportunity to reassess your business expenses and say goodbye to any unnecessary fees. Some ways you can cut your expenses are:

As one of our valued customers, we can help you cut your expenses by eliminating the need for external subscriptions through one of our ad-on features. Click HERE to learn more and see what features will enhance your business and cut costs.

We love seeing business owners helping fellow business owners and that’s exactly what you get to do as an IO Power User!


So, what’s an IO Power User? It’s someone who’s an expert IO user and enjoys helping others. Whether it’s answering questions or offering valuable tips, you’re the go-to person for all things IO.


And the best part? You get points for helping out. Each month, we pick one of the top 20 users and give them a special prize. Last month we gave away a Big Splash. Just wait and see what our next grand prize will be!


So, don’t wait! Become an IO Power User today. Turn your knowledge into success for others and you just might be our grand prize winner this quarter! 

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